Fashion designer: Benamor Lineda, French designer also founder of the company for both fashion in apparels & accessories, and jewelry collection.

The products of apparels collection and jewelry are hand made by MGB (Matsuno Beads ~ Glass & Crystal Beads), made in Japan, full of colors and showing ethnic ~ oriental culture in each collection. 

Fabrication in Bali ~ Indonesia, brand borned in Bali ~ Indonesia. Each one made in love. Each one with a love story and now grow up in overseas, in luxury area, Asia, Europe, Singapore, United States…

Although the company Bali Baci started their Indonesian art & furniture gallery inside Club Med since 2003, starting since 2008, their fashion and jewelry collection were displayed in 13 of Club Med boutique in Asia & Europe with the new brand Double K ~ Beach Resort Upscale Apparel Collection which since, has started their export to overseas in luxury hotels in Southern Europe, North Africa, Dubai, Mauritius, Seychelles and Shanghai.

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